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VCT & Carpet

Vinyl flooring is an extremely popular choice for kitchens, laundry rooms, and any area subject to water drops or spills. With Vinyl you can mimic the look of stone, tile, wood grain and much more: there are thousands of vinyl patterns, textures & colors to choose from.

Vinyl is one of the most popular flooring materials used in certain areas in homes, and the reasons are not hard to see. Vinyl tiles can give you the look of at a much lower price. Vinyl are long lasting, and easy to maintain. If you have no time for high maintenance or the budget for pricey granite, but want a floor that offers looks and durability with ease of cleaning, then a vinyl floor may be right for your home.

Vinyl flooring tiles can be used in homes as well as commercial spaces. Vinyl flooring tiles that are used in homes can range from basic tiles that resemble ceramic tiles and self stick tiles, to thicker, luxurious looking, marble patterned vinyl floor tiles. The luxury tiles are heavier and offer sunny, natural looking textures that resemble slate and wood. Tiles generally come in 12″ X 12″ sizes, although larger tile sizes are also available. Vinyl composition tiles (VCT Tiles) are used generally in commercial settings, like malls and retail stores. Patterns can range from marble-like appearances to solid color tiles, and VCT tiles are incredibly durable for high traffic areas.

Here are some factors to consider when choosing a vinyl floor for your home.

Lifestyle Choice

  • Vinyl is generally comfortable to stand on and is more shock absorbing than harder surfaces
  • It is very easy to clean and maintain and is waterproof
  • You can expect many years of good looks and durability from a quality vinyl floor

Style Choice

  • Available in hundreds of colors, textures, and patterns
  • You can get a great look at a reasonable price
  • Vinyl can be customized with accent pieces or other individual touches

Also consider that:

  • Some lesser-quality vinyl flooring is subject to marking or pulling.

Carpet Installations

We help you every step of the way after you’ve selected your new floor: professional on-site measurement, removal of old flooring, and skilled installation. We do it all expertly, so your floor will look amazing and give lasting satisfaction. Learn the particulars about carpet installation here. Discover rich, timeless looks that are the perfect blend of sophistication, style and fun! Whether you want carpet with vibrant textures and hues, or something that will stand up to whatever life brings your way, Carpet has the selection you’ve been looking for. The Sophisticated line of carpets carries an air of elegance and beauty that will showcase your home in the perfect light.


Vinyl flooring is now one of the most popular flooring options on the market today. Using advanced technology, today’s updated vinyl tile flooring is manufactured to precisely simulate natural stone, and the latest vinyl plank flooring replicates the grain of classic wood flooring. In addition to offering the advantage of a striking visual similarity to natural flooring types, luxury vinyl flooring is much easier to maintain, warmer and softer to walk on, and impact and stain-resistant making it one of the most cost-effective flooring solutions available. With regard to decor, choosing among the many style variations available can be the biggest challenge. Mack Contracting is a certified vinyl flooring contractor providing expert recommendations for selecting among the multitude of vinyl flooring styles, colors, patterns and formats for either commercial or residential locations.

Today’sLuxury Vinyl

Inspired by traditional hardwood flooring, vinyl plank flooring and sheet vinyl installations are not only cost-effective and stylish, but sheet vinyl installation can be completed in areas where hardwood cannot be installed. The advanced digital photo technology available today produces vinyl flooring textures that offer startling wood replications. Sheet vinyl flooring also offers superior protection against stains, scratches and dents making it an ideal choice for high-traffic areas and homes with pets. Durable and moisture-resistant too, vinyl bathroom flooring and vinyl flooring for the kitchen are ideal flooring solutions that offer value and sophistication for residential or commercial property owners.

Choosing Your Vinyl Flooring

Mack Contracting assists business and homeowners with determining the most suitable thickness and vinyl flooring formats most suitable to their location.

Vinyl Tile Installations

Can be completed with or without grout and result in tiles that provide a remarkably realistic ceramic appearance. Choose from various style formats and available in uniform sizes of several tiles or formats of different-sized tiles for creative and stylish arrangements. Discuss the endless style options with an experienced Mack Contracting floor design expert.

Vinyl Plank Flooring Installations

Achieve the latest wood look vinyl flooring manufactured to precisely replicate the look of hardwood. Mack Contracting vinyl plank flooring installations are tailored according to the purpose and activity level of your commercial or residential location and can be completed in areas where a hardwood installation may be unsuitable. Available in a multitude of plank lengths and widths, our luxury vinyl flooring features stunning simulations of wood grains or natural stone textures customized to your precise requirements. Discuss your size and style preferences with helpful Mack Contracting staff during a free on-site consultation.

VinylFlooring Installation

Once you have determined the most suitable type of vinyl flooring for your home or business location with our qualified staff, Mack Contracting installation technicians will accurately measure and provide a detailed price estimate and flooring layout. Subflooring is then inspected and repaired if necessary. Installation includes the removal and disposal of old flooring in addition to special considerations for door trimming and borders. Mack Contracting is pleased to work in conjunction with any other contractors for larger remodeling projects.

Contact a friendly Mack Contracting representative for a free flooring estimate today!

CarpetInstallation Services

When contemplating a new carpet installation, consider the importance of hiring professionals to ensure that carpet replacement costs remain within budget and are price-efficient. Mack Contracting provides a full range of carpet and flooring installation services that protect your investment and allow you to benefit from enhanced home decor and comfort.

Why Hiring a Professional forCarpet Installation is More Cost-Effective

The cost to install your carpet by qualified technicians will actually save you money in the long run by ensuring that carpet is stretched and seamed according to industry and manufacturers standards. Get instant access to knowledgeable local carpet installation experts who also provide clients with convenient follow up and maintenance services.

What Should I Do With My Old Carpet?

Mack Contracting is available to dispose of your existing carpet to make way for new carpet installation, and we follow all local recommendations for recycling and reuse to help reduce landfills and preserve the environment

Who will move my furniture and handle wiring before my new carpet installation?

Some clients prefer to handle household furniture and any fragile home décor articles on their own. Discuss your particular requirements and special concerns before carpet installation services with a Mack Contracting representative who will customize carpet replacement and installation according to your needs

Preparing for a New Carpet Installation

Once your carpet installation estimate is complete, Mack Contracting provides accurate measurements that detail carpet roll direction and seam placement with special consideration for doors, closets, stairways and other unique characteristics of your home. Although some seams may be unavoidable, our experience new carpet installers are skilled at minimizing material waste and matching patterns and pile perfectly. If a new carpet installation includes transitions to flooring, Mack Contracting technicians account for the necessary adjustments for either ceramic tile, hardwood or an existing carpet.

Preparing your home for a new carpet installation requires a skilled analysis of the subfloor surface. Our installers assess the level and consistency of flooring as part of the installation process and inform you of any hidden water damage, loose floorboards or any necessary repairs before installation.

Installing Carpets According toThe Highest Industry Standards

Carpet Installation industry standards recommend carpet stretching using approved power stretchers as opposed to manual stretching which may not be as effective and may even damage your carpet. In addition, Mack Contracting installers used only industry-endorsed adhesives that prevent de-lamination and eliminate the possibility of edges unraveling. Our qualified local installers undertake each carpet and flooring project with the necessary tools and expertise to avoid any carpet bubbling or wrinkling that ensures your new carpet installation provides you with many years of comfort and enjoyment

New Carpet Installation Tips

  • Finish any household remodeling projects prior to installing your new carpet.
  • Remove all breakable items from the area including wiring for all electronics. Ask us about our full range of carpet installation services including warranty and insurance coverage designed to protect your new investment and home from all hazards.
  • Mack Contracting adheres to the CRI installation standards and thoroughly follows all new installation instructions from carpet manufactures that ensure the highest standards for safety. Call for a free carpet installation estimate.


Mack Contracting is a trusted and experienced flooring systems provider offering exceptional flooring design, installation and maintenance. We understand that commercial and residential property owners and managers are looking for the perfect combination of product excellence and knowledgeable service from a qualified team of flooring specialists with the ability to customize flooring solutions to suit a range of budgets.

For complete floor system installation project planning from start to finish, consult with a Mack Contracting flooring expert offering a range of flooring systems that include:


For durability and the latest industry designs, linoleum floor coverings offer style and versatility as well as practical value. Available in hundreds of colors and many distinctive design patterns, choose from high-quality sheets and tiles combined with installation and service excellence tailored to your specific needs. Mack Contracting installs solid sheets, modular and click tiles, marbled linoleum and linoleum suitable for sports facilities among a full range of linoleum floor options.

Premium Quality Vinyl Tiling

For business or homeowners who are looking for a luxury stone floor system at a fraction of the cost, Mack Contracting provides high-quality luxury vinyl floor systems that offer easy maintenance and can be harmonized to suit any commercial or residential decor.

Carpet Tiles

Whether you are looking for carpet tiles for a heavy traffic commercial environment or to aesthetically enhance your home, Mack Contracting supplies and installs carpet tiles to create spectacular designs that offer comfort and long-lasting performance.

Acoustic Floor Systems

Our team of flooring specialists provide a range of specialty products designed specifically for residential or commercial environments looking for sturdy flooring that reduces noise through state-of-the-art impact sound reduction flooring technology. Discuss your particular needs with knowledgeable Mack Contracting staff to determine the best flooring options available on the market today.

Safety Flooring

Many responsible business owners and institutional administrators require quality safety flooring to reduce or entirely eliminate hazards and injuries due to slip and fall accidents in a variety of working and publicly accessed environments. Mack Contracting works closely with commercial clients to choose among the most suitable safety flooring options that help protect a range of commercial locations and the people in them.

Consult with a Mack Contracting floor system specialist for information about all of our flooring options that include:

  • Stone and tile floor systems
  • Entrance flooring systems
  • Natural eco-friendly floor systems made from biodegradable materials
  • Specialty flooring including cork flooring, rubber and bamboo
  • Floor maintenance and refinishing
  • Installation expertise and complete project management

ProfessionalFloor System Installation

Our floor installation experts provide complete project preparation and management of all floor system installations. Mack Contracting staff offer years of experience and knowledge with matching the most suitable quality adhesives and floor accessories to the most suitable flooring products. Consult with our floor care specialist for recommendations on floor system maintenance to ensure that commercial and residential flooring provides you with lasting value and performance excellence.

Contact a Mack Contracting representative for more information and to schedule a free flooring system estimate today.

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