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Retaining Walls

With our professionalism we can build very attractive retainer walls, which can give your outdoor design a fresh breeze.

A retaining wall is a quick and easy way to achieve a dramatic change in ground elevation. Retaining walls confine soil to artificially-shaped slopes, allowing for a sharp drop to lower, even ground.

There are many reasons why retaining walls are a superior choice to meet your landscaping needs:

Low Cost- Considering the aforementioned simplicity of retaining walls as a landscaping option, retaining walls are comparatively inexpensive. This is especially true when you come to where you get a good deal every time. Why pay for an overpriced landscaping option offered by a competitor.

Classic Design- Retaining walls are simple, can create an aesthetic landscaping design. Depending on your preferences for materials and other surface design features, your wall can appear bucolic, modern, or simply unobtrusive and naturalistic.

Easiest solution- to an age-old problem this is the easiest solution, Rather than removing an entire hill or hollowing out a pit below base soil lines, you can construct retaining walls and accomplish the same thing more easily and with less environmental impact. Retaining walls have long been used in hillside farming, and even a dirt basement is technically considered a type of retaining wall. It’s the natural, no-frills solution to an otherwise irritating problem.

With more then 30 years of experience we can provide safe and speedy installation, we are able to build a variety of different types of retainer walls such as:

Cantilevered retaining walls- Cantilevered retaining walls use fewer materials than gravity retaining walls but are reinforced with steel or concrete supports, maximizing their ability to withstand pressure.

Anchored retaining walls- Anchored retaining walls are gravity, cantilevered, or sheet piling retaining walls with an added anchor or other form of strength enhancement, such as support cables. Since these walls are capable of withstanding extreme pressure and heavy loads, we can use them to meet some of the most extensive landscaping demands around.

Gravity retaining walls- These are fairly standard retaining walls that resist soil pressure through mass. We can craft gravity walls using stone, wood, concrete, masonry units, and more. These retaining walls make it easy to dig trenches and are flexible in frost areas.

Sheet piling retaining walls- Sheet piling retaining walls are best in areas with soft soil. Vinyl, steel, or wooden sheets of material are used to cordon off the soil, and in the case of larger variations in elevation, an anchor is used for additional support.

We are licensed and experienced, so we can be trusted to build safe, sturdy structures to meet your outdoor needs. anything we will builds for you is reliable and long-lasting we can assure that.

We keep costs low have a proud record of providing excellent service to the residents of Toronto and the surrounding metro area and suburbs. Our reputation speaks for itself.

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