Driveways interlock In The GTA


Custom Outdoor Living Spaces:

Our goal is to transform your outdoor living space to your own private oasis. When you call us, you can learn more about different interlocking stone paving options; discuss style and design choices with a knowledgeable professional and benefit from our competitive pricing and commitment to your complete satisfaction. Whether it’s your starter home, your dream home, a country residence, or a local business, we can transform the appearance with the elegance of interlocking stone.

When choosing what type of driveway, patio or sidewalk to install, interlock has been one of the top choices for decades. Our purchasing power allows us to provide you with the most competitive prices in the market. Mack Contracting uses the latest technologies to provide precise level installation and make sure that only the highest quality materials are used in every driveway-paving project we take on.

Three components for a good driveway design:

  • The base – Any type of driveway paving project is started from the ground up, and that is why the professionals at Mack Contracting will know how important the base of your project is. We ensure that the surface on which your driveway is laid (the sub-grade) is in excellent condition and is free of any material that may hinder the driveway paving process. We make sure the base of your project is pristine and built to last!
  • The pavement – Our trained professionals know that the pavement is the bulk of every driveway-paving project, and our expert knowledge is put to the test with every job we take on. Mack Contracting is committed to making sure each driveway-paving project we complete is done correctly, which is why we calculate the correct compacted thickness of pavement for each individual job and guarantee the highest quality paving for your driveway paving needs.
  • The drainage pitch – The drainage pitch is crucial to every driveway, paving job because it allows water to drain off of your pavement and away from your building, business or home. The experts at Mack Contracting are trained in calibrating the correct drainage pitch for every job that we handle.
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