Gypcrete Underlayment In The GTA

We Specialize in Gypsum Concrete Floor Underlayment Application- GypCrete, Lightweight Concrete Work, Floor Leveling and Fire-rated requirements and Acoustical Sound Mat installation. Our company is positioned as the specialty Gypcrete concrete flooring contractors, We offer gypcrete and light weight concrete installation for Residential, Industrial, Commercial, Institutional sectors over 30 years. Our self-levelling systems are suitable for a one day re-cap of a worn out slab and for creating a thermal mass for radiant heat floors on a concrete or wood base. Most gypcrete products cure in just 48 hours much quicker than conventional concrete which takes up to 28 days to 30 days to cure unless a cure accelerant is used. The advantage of gypcrete topping and other types of lightweight concrete topping alternatives is that finishing flooring can be installed in only one day from start to finish. About 30,000 sqft can be installed in a 7-8 hours stretch allowing trades to be walking on that surface the same day if needed.

We provide services to high end custom home owners, multi-family buildings and remodeling projects, and focus on providing high-quality workmanship to developers and contractors around the GTA. Our team of experts are highly trained at all levels of operations, from crew installers, foremen, supervisors to our office staff members. We take great pride in our customer service, quality of work and work ethics over 30 years.

Over the years our company has developed a number of proprietary systems and methods and new technologies which makes every mix equal and accurate. That enabled us to be a leader in the concrete industry, and achieve excellent results with great efficiency which allowed us to gain repeat happy clients and helped grow our business significantly by word of mouth as well. Our company has been an authorized applicator for the entire product for over 30 years in the concrete Gypcrete topping industry.

What is Gypcrete?

Like concrete, Gypcrete or gypsum concrete is a composite mixture of cementitious and filler materials. It is made with a fixed ratio of sand, Portland cement, and gypsum plaster a lightweight material famous for its application in drywall.

One of the biggest pros of gypcrete is its lightweight, which makes it extremely easy to work with. It is a popular subflooring option ideal for adhesive-type flooring like carpeting, Vinyl flooring and tiles.

Gypcrete Installation- provides a smooth and fire-rated subfloor-ready surface. The installation of Gypcrete is not a DIY venture, and it needs proper mixing and pouring application followed by a smoother one that requires expert hands. Once the pouring is finished, The finished surface is ready for foot traffic after 90 minutes of finish. The freshly finished gypcrete subfloor needs controlled moisture and temperature for drying.

The thickness of the gypcrete subfloor depends on the type of underlayment. For an existing rough concrete surface 1/2 “would be sufficient, but for a tongue-and-groove wooden subfloor, you have to achieve ¾” to have a smooth, even surface.

Gypcrete offers unique benefits

Light Weight- The most significant difference between concrete and gypcrete is related to their weight. Gypcrete weighs about 13 pounds per sqft, while concrete weighs 18 pounds per sqft. So, lightweight gypcrete is an ideal floor underlayment and is much easier to work with. Also because of the lightweight gypcrete, you can have reduced pressure on the building’s framework making it more secure and stable.

Therma-Floor Heating- Gypcrete is a better choice for subflooring in homes with floor heating. It is the ultimate underlayment for radiant heat applications. Poured over hot water tubes or electrical heating cables, it provides thermal mass to maximize radiant heat performance, and can withstand temperature fluctuations.

Sound Reduction- Muffles noise sound transfer, that is another common reason for homeowners and builders preferring gypcrete over concrete as it has sound dampening properties. The concrete mix has superior sound insulation, which is sometimes a significant characteristic of a flooring system.

Eliminates squeaks and nail pops- common to wood underlayments.

Provides fire resistance- The biggest pro of gypcrete is its fire resistance, and it offers a one to two hours fire barrier that not only slows down the progress of fire but also allows residents to escape.

Sets quickly- so other subgradez can stay on schedule as it doesn’t need days or weeks. You can complete 30,000 sq. ft of flooring in a one single day, and you can start applying finishing touches to the surface after 48 hours of installation. The quick installation will also minimize disruption and downtime to use your property quickly.

Dries to a smooth- tough surface that accepts nearly all floor coverings.

Offers enhanced floor stiffness- to reduce floor bounce.

Creates a sealed perimeter along walls- to keep out baseboard drafts, reduce sound leaks.

Cost- is less expensive than pouring an entirely new concrete slab for covering small areas.

Go for Gypcrete- if you’re looking for fire-rated or soundproofing flooring or want to have radiant heating on the floor, gypcrete is the best material of choice. Gypcrete implies a floor underlayment that you need to use with compatible flooring.

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