Patio Walkway In The GTA


We are expert with interlocking stone work

Interlock Stonework is an excellent way to improve the appearance of the exterior of your house in order to increase both its curb appeal & market value.

If you tired of dealing with an uneven surface when entertaining outside?
We can be used Interlocking pavers to achieve a firm and level surface for all your outdoor activity. Why not create a truly unique interlock design in your landscape by incorporating flagstone as an edging or as an insert.

Can be nice to direct your guests to the front door with an intricate interlock walkway or a few stepping stones for a garden path through a wooded area. If interlock is not your first choice, then consider a natural flagstone walkway. Walkways are not only functional but can also lead your eye through a landscape. In order to enjoy your new interlock walk or driveway day or night, summer or winter, consider adding lighting for the night or installing a snow melting system for low winter maintenance.

With todays new advanced manufacturing techniques some interlocking pavers incorporate a safe non-slip surface, are resistant to deicing salt, easy to clear snow from surface and withstand severe freeze and thaw cycles. We have excellent choice of product to use given our cold winter climate. If pavers do shift, resetting then is an easy fix.

Interlocking stone come in many sizes & shapes that allow endless design installation possibilities within a landscape plan. Interlocking paves come in an array of colors and textures to match your home & complement landscape elements. There are many interlocking paver layout patterns to chose from. Personalize any interlocking design layout by introducing accent pavers for boarders, inset boarders and banding.

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