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Our company consists of all types of Professional Floor Installations Over 30 Years around the GTA (Union/Non Union).

All flooring

We install all types of Tile floors Ceramic, Porcelain, Marble, Granite, Terrazzo, slabs, brick to all types of wood floors Engineered hardwood, bamboo, Laminates, Cork to Carpet tile, Vct, Sheet Goods, Floor leveling, Grinding, Polish Concrete, and lots more, with the highest quality of skilled trades ever since 1980.

Recently we have been working on the Jamies restaurant Yorkdale Mall, Tandis restaurant Yonge st. Toronto, Kelsey’s restaurant Niagara Falls, Aeropostal Store Upper Canada Mall Newmarket.

In Niagara On The Lake on Forever 21, Coach , Michael Kors, J.Crew, North Face, Boathouse, La Vie En Rose.Virgin Mobile, Burger King, Starbucks Cafe Yonge St. Toronto and Sandman Hotel Burloak Oakville.

Recently we just finished working on Coach and Guess Cookstown, Forever 21’s Yorkdale, Square One and Dufferin Malls, Telus Oakville and Naturlizer in Square One.

Along with the Ruth Chris restaurant in four point’s hotel Niagara Falls.The Paralia Restaurant at Lakeshore The Beaches, Toronto and Aroma Espresso Bar as well.

Tile & Stone

Tile & Stone

The following list is a useful introduction to the main types of tiles for the latest news and info on all kinds of tiles:

Ceramic Tiles- are made of clay that is baked (known as firing) in a kiln. The wet clay, usually quarried, is extruded into shape before firing. Ceramic tiles are always glazed as they are fired at a lower temperature than porcelain. They can be either monocottura (single fired), where the glaze is applied before the initial firing; or bicottura (double firing), where the tile biscuit is fired, and possibly decorated, before the glaze is applied for a second firing.

Finger and Pencil Tiles- Finger Pencil Tiles are decorative tiles similar to mosaics, the main difference being that pencil are long and thin as their names suggest. These can be used in the same way as mosaic tiles, or individually to create a thin strip.

Glass Tiles- glass is a popular material for decorative tiles. Many small mosaics are made from glass for its reflective properties, but larger format are often used for splashbacks and feature walls.

Glazed Finishes- Many tiles, such as ceramic and some porcelain tiles, have a surface. The glaze is a layer of glass that protects the tile biscuit and makes it more slip resistant. The glaze is added to the tile biscuit by firing in a kiln at temperatures greater than 1000 degrees clsz Glaze is available in glossy, Matt, and textured finishes.

Listello/ border Tiles- Are long, narrow decorative tiles mostly used to create a border around a room.

Metal tiles- can either be made entirely of metal, or be made of a different material (such as a ceramic tile) that has a metal plating. Being a less common choice, they are bound to stand out and have visual impact: but beware that they may wear over time.

Mosaic Tiles- are one of the most popular choices for decorative tiles or a feature. Small tiles, often square, are laid together to create a larger effect. This is usually either a picture or a block color for a high visual impact.

Polished Finished- the surface of unglazed tiles (like that of porcelain tiles) can be polished and honed. While it is common, and quite popular, to polish tiles to a high shine (such as polished porcelain); tiles can also have a semi-polished finish.

Honed Tiles are semi- polished, meaning that they are less shiny than fully polished tiles, but are also less slippery and less likely to show dirt. Honed tiles are a popular choice for commercial and high traffic installations.

Porcelain Tile- are also known as ‘vitrified’ tiles, and are a high quality tile that is extremely strong and virtually nonporous. This makes them almost impervious to liquid. Being strong and nonporous, porcelain is usually unglazed and can have a polished, natural, or textured finish; but is also available with a glaze which can have a gloss, Matt, or textured finish. Polished porcelain is one the most popular choices for floors, and often walls.

Printing on Tiles- Some tiles are printed. This can either be done using traditional methods during the firing process (these tiles tend to be handmade), or by using modern digital printers. Digitally printed tiles are generally extremely high-resolution, resulting in a realistic print.

Rectified Tiles- literally means corrected and refined, and they are those that have been cut after firing (baking) to ensure their size and shape is perfect. Tiles that have been rectified can be laid closer together with smaller grout joints, giving them a sleeker and more modern look. Rectifying tiles also removes any rounded or ‘cushion’ edges that may be on the tiles, further enhancing their contemporary look.

Scored Tiles- Normally, tiles are scored in preparation for cutting, but it can also be done in a way that doesn’t weaken the tile to create a special look. Scores or straight grooves, in a tiles surface can create breaks and joins in the tile that are smaller and much cleaner looking than grout joints.

Sealed Tile- Tiles that are more porous, including those made from natural stones, often need to be coated with a protective sealer to prevent liquid from being absorbed into the tile biscuit. Some tiles requiring sealing will be resealed, but some will not. Always check with your tile retailer when buying unglazed tiles or natural materials.

Stone & Natural Materials- like stone, slate, marble, sandstone, granite, and travertine are still popular choices for tiles; but some care needs to be taken selecting them. With the exception of granite, these are all porous and can easily be stained. Stone tiles can be sealed, but you may not get the same level of protection as glaze on a ceramic tile.

Structured Tile- A tile is if it has any kind of three-dimensional effect or structure on its surface. This could include waves, dimples or pimples, or any other 3-D shapes.

Terracotta Tile or Cotto Tile- is a type of ceramic tile popular in outdoor areas or where a rustic effect is wanted. When using terracotta for a wet area (especially a salt water pool), be sure to select a high quality low-porosity tile.

Texture Tile- to have enough grip, and to be slip resistant enough for outdoor and wet areas (like around pools), some tiles need to have a ‘rougher’ texture surface.

Tile trims- are used where a row of tiles finishes or where a tiled area meets another surface. The main kinds of trim tiles we sell are bullnose, capping (which features a small ledge or rail), and cove (usually used where walls and floors meet).

Stairs & Pools Tiles- there are also special tiles for use on stairs and around pools. These allow you to continue you tiled look throughout your home or space while adding an extra bit of slip resistance where it is needed most, such as on stairs.

Tumbled Tiles- it sounds like this term would be misleading, but it actually isn’t. it’s literally ‘tumbled’ in a large drum (a bit like a clothes dryer) to wear down the face and edges of the tile, chip its corners and edges a little, and give it a rough aged look. Tumbled tiles retain all their strength, and are still just as strong and durable as any other tile.


Installing quality natural stone flooring at your home or business location will add a warm and natural ambience that offers both practical value and appeal.

Mack ContractingOffers a Range of Stone Flooring Types

Slate Flooring

Highly versatile and strong, slate flooring is made up of clay, quartz and shale and can be used in either commercial or residential locations. Stain-resistant and ideal for kitchen and bathrooms, Mack Contracting offers this sturdy and attractive natural stone flooring in a range of earthy rustic colors from red and orange to rust and brown.

Marble Flooring

Discover the sophistication of Mack Contracting marble stone flooring and beautiful marble floor tile available for limitless applications in both commercial and residential locations. Universally recognizable for its veined surface, our marble flooring selections are available in a variety of color variations that add timeless elegance to any space.

Granite Flooring

The most durable of flooring surfaces, granite is highly resilient and can be used for indoor or outdoor flooring applications. Composed of a variety of minerals that provide superior moisture resistance, Mack Contracting offers natural stone flooring in granite that is perfect for hallways, kitchens, bathrooms and other living areas.

Sandstone Flooring

Available in limited neutral tones, sandstone flooring is suitable for both indoor and outdoor residential and commercial spaces. Durable, yet porous, Mack Contracting installers are equipped to thoroughly seal sandstone flooring to preserve its natural beauty and ensure long-lasting performance.


Sometimes mistaken for marble, this delicate form of naturally altered limestone can be treated to offer a highly textured surface or a smooth polished facade. Offering comfort and resilience, travertine flooring is available in either stone or tile and contrasting variations of colors and patterns.

Porcelain Tile

For a cost-effective alternative, choose ceramic tile that looks like natural stone available in a wide variety of colors, patterns and textures. Browse through the Mack Contracting collection of porcelain tile that achieves your vision for elegant stone flooring at a fraction of the cost.

Natural StoneFlooring Installation

Installing natural stone flooring in your home or business might seem straightforward, yet problems can arise to challenge even the most experienced DIY enthusiast. Experienced Mack Contracting stone flooring installers are fully trained and experienced with multi-faceted tile and stone installations at both residential and commercial locations. We offer the skill and expertise that helps property owners save time and money in the long run with professional assessment regarding the suitability of existing subfloor surfaces and ensuring the safety of the installation worksite. In addition to assisting clients with making the most ideal stone and tile flooring selections best suited to their needs, our qualified installation staff is available to work in tandem with other professionals, including plumbers and building contractors, to ensure that each natural stone flooring project is completed in the most organized and efficient manner.

From superior floor design to experienced installation, Mack Contracting provides exceptional stone flooring products and services to suit any business or residential requirement. Contact our helpful and knowledgeable staff to schedule a free consultation.

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