Retaining Walls in Markham

Specializing in the construction and installation of retaining walls for commercial buildings in Markham, Mack Contracting provides extensive industry expertise and design excellence in the construction of commercial retaining wall systems customized to blend in perfectly with your existing landscape.

Is a Retaining Wall Necessary for my Commercial Property?

Designed to stabilize soil and rock as well as to prevent soil erosion on select parts of your commercial landscape in Markham, Mack Contracting masons provide honest and knowledgeable assessments that help clients weigh the pros and cons of a retaining wall construction that offers a range of practical benefits that include:

  • Drainage control
  • Slope management
  • Adding an additional level or plateau to uneven landscapes
  • Extra surface space

Experienced and Certified Retaining Wall Contractors

Our team of certified masons provides professional recommendations for the most suitable wall construction for your commercial property in Markham. Mack Contracting uses specially prepared and carefully selected materials that result in visually appealing and practical finished products engineered for longevity.

Concrete Block Retaining Wall – Typically built not higher than four feet tall, cinder block walls can be used to create decorative curves and often resemble Spanish-style architecture blending well with any commercial structure that is designed with mid-century architecture.

Stone Veneer Retaining Wall – Extremely versatile design capacity that offers a natural appearance, Mack Contracting experts customize stone retaining walls of varied thickness and height.

Poured Concrete Wall – Providing extra strength superior to a concrete block commercial wall system, Mack Contracting retaining wall contractors offer customized options for a streamlined installation suitable to a range of commercial landscapes.

Limestone Retaining Wall – Our experienced craftsmen provide classic natural limestone retaining wall systems that replicate quarried stone adding strength and sophistication to your commercial property in Markham.

Retaining Wall Cost

The cost of a retaining wall is based on height and length that are adjusted to the specific requirements of each client. Whether you require structural or decorative enhancement, our experienced concrete and masonry team provides architecturally appealing and solidly built commercial retaining wall systems that protect your property, improve function and add value to your property. Updating an older retaining wall with modern industry technology also improves drainage capacity and adds to the overall safety and security of your business.

Additional Benefits Include:

  • Low maintenance
  • Exceptional durability and long-lasting
  • Available in a variety of textures and finishes adapted to your existing architecture and landscape
  • Customized design by Mack Contracting experts who adjust height, curves and flows according to preference and purpose
  • Enhanced curb appeal and value of business properties in Markham

Why Choose Mack Contracting?

Mack Contracting’s specialists in stone and brick masonry include the skilled and certified installation of retaining wall systems for any commercial property large or small. We always provide:

  • Fully insured work crews
  • Detailed work specifications and schedules
  • Licensed design and engineering
  • Additional resources through our association with reputable construction and engineering professionals
  • Organized and efficient work practices according to Markham building codes and safety standards

Contact Mack Contracting for more information and a free estimate today.