Rubber Flooring

If you wish to install Rubber Flooring on your old stairs, front porch or around your pool here is some information about the rubber flooring installation process.

The rubber color of choice will be hand troweled to all surfaces covered by the contract. Any un-level areas will be leveled out using the same EPDM rubber granules to ensure a clean finish to your area. The perimeter of the surface enclosure will be double troweled, keeping the same edge as the underlying surface while maintaining the desired thickness. Any edges of where rubber is being applied will be seamed into the concrete by troweling into a grind line in the concrete. Our rubber surfaces provide a safe non-slip alternative to other applications.

Rubber granules are available in a wide color range.

Custom blend options are available to your preference with what you think will best suite your pool area. Logos, designs and pool safety warnings can be made to fit almost any size and location on the pool deck. Contrasting colors on designs or safety information allow for a great visual aid for pool safety and appearance. Two binding resin options are available; one is an aromatic resin that goes through an ambering curing process, (yellowish for a few months). The other resin binder used is a more costly aliphatic resin, which is UV stable and does not go through the ambering curing process. A 36 hour dry time is needed for the rubber before it is ready to be walked on.

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