Marble & Limestone

Our marble restoration specialists are skilled in the fine art of using the proper marble restoration tools and products to produce a beautifully honed, polished and sealed marble surface.

Marble & Limestone Services Offered Include : Marble & Limestone cleaning , Marble & Limestone polishing, Marble & Limestone restoration , Marble & Limestone flattening , Marble & Limestone grinding , Marble & Limestone repairs , Marble filling holes & Limestone filling holes, Marble & Limestone fixing cracks.

We have revitalized many marble and marble floors, granite stone, granite kitchen counter tops tile grout and marble statues found in homes and offices. All of our marble restoration crews are very professional and meticulous and have many years of experience getting out the toughest stains and discolorations in marble and granite. marble is porous and susceptible to acidic and harsh cleaners, acidic fruit juices and even hair sprays. Over time the marble or limestone will develop varying degrees of staining from etchings to drink rings and water marks. As your stone care professional, we will bring your marble back to its original state. The key to stain prevention is applying sealer to your marble surfaces. If a spill does occur, blot spill immediately and then clean entire area with a neutral PH cleaner.

We perform all of our own marble restoration services and will never use outside or subcontracted help. We have our own fleet of marble service vans and supply our own marble maintenance and cleaning solutions.

When your marble, granite and porous material on counter tops, floors, walls, showers, vanities, bars and other porous surfaces in kitchens and bathrooms become dull or need maintenance, give our marble restoration service a call. We provide free estimates on marble, granite repairs and restoration services. We will Protect and revitalize your home’s interior investment or commercial/ industrial space needs.

Our marble restoration work is fully insured and our marble maintenance workers and representatives are fully bonded for your protection and satisfaction.

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