Retaining Walls in Vaughan

Mack Contracting is recognized in Vaughan as a leading retaining wall contractor providing licensed expertise for retaining wall design and installation. Consult with our professional concrete specialists for qualified recommendations with materials selection, design and placement according to their specific needs.

Why Install a Retaining Wall?

Today’s technology provides business owners and building managers in Vaughan with commercial retaining wall systems that offer advanced engineering geared toward protecting soil and enhancing the appearance of all types of commercial landscapes. Mack Contracting specialists provide retaining wall installation for a variety of types from a cinder block and poured concrete retaining wall to a segmental retaining wall or concrete block retaining wall that offer a range of practical advantages that include:

Transforming a Sloped Landscape – Retaining wall installation on the sloped areas of your commercial property in Vaughan can prevent soil erosion on steeply sloped areas allowing for easier and cost-effective maintenance. Mack Contracting retaining wall construction experts can construct a wall system that allows for walkways, ramps and easier access to different areas on a landscape as well as adding a distinctive decorative element.

Improved Drainage – A retaining wall can also redirect the flow of water on a property in Vaughan. Mack Contracting handles building code permits and local regulations in addition to providing professional design for retaining walls geared toward this purpose.

Additional Space – Convert the sloped areas on your Vaughan commercial property with a retaining wall construction that can be configured with an outdoor recreational and sports area, or a parking lot to increase revenue and accessibility. Consult with our Mack Contracting experts to learn more about how retaining walls can improve and even expand your business activities.

Increased Property Values

In addition to its many practical uses, the cost of a retaining wall is offset by adding increased value to a commercial property and augmenting business revenue by making certain areas more useful to overall business objectives. The concrete factors that influence concrete retaining wall costs are based on curves in the design, height, thickness and length of the retaining wall construction and whether additional reinforcement is required.

Hiring a Qualified Retaining Wall Contractor in Vaughan

Construction of a retaining wall should be carried out by a licensed and insured team of concrete specialists to ensure the final results are both visually appealing and functionally secure. Professional knowledge of waterproofing procedures and adequate drainage techniques are key elements of commercial retaining wall construction that ensure surface finishing and wall color remains intact. Vaughan business owners are advised to consult with experienced contractors only to problems with structural leaning and to avoid costly repairs and ongoing maintenance issues.

Why Choose Mack Contracting for Your Retaining Wall?

Mack Contracting offers extensive experience with retaining wall installation that includes detailed planning specifications customized to your budget, skilled design and engineering and organized project execution. From the initial preparation of the landscape at your commercial location in Vaughan, to the step by step process of building a retaining wall and the specific design elements you may wish to include, our certified specialists complete each retaining wall installation on time and on budget with careful attention to detail.

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